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Warrior Stadium Renovation

Many of you have read or heard about the renovations to Warrior Stadium that will start June of 2017, replacing the field, getting updated lighting, new scoreboard, etc.   The youth and High School programs for Boys is extremely excited about this opportunity for our kids and the added benefits to your community.


We mention the ‘opportunity’ as the renovation has potentially a ‘game changer’ element of adding a synthetic turf (similar to Camp Randall playing surface) to replace the natural grass already approved by the Waunakee School board.  The purpose of this message is to lay out the benefits for perspective when you are visiting with friends and neighbors when the topic comes up in conversation.

  1.  Yes, the football team will have a new field (which was badly needed), natural or synthetic to play on.   The youth football program, freshmen, JV, 2nd Varsity and Varsity will have access all Fall season.   This was never in doubt.
  2. Access in the Winter, Spring, & Summer is the focus of this narrative.


Currently, High School Lacrosse players, both boys and girls practice off campus.   This commute has been managed by players coordinating rides to all who do not conveniently live in neighborhood where practices or games are held.   Families of High School Lacrosse players have a booster club that significantly improves the logistics & reduces stress of coaches in prep for games.   Volunteers work in unison to give our boys and girls the opportunity to play games without worry of details that might derail game play.   A given, perhaps since no hiccups have occurred to negatively affect a season since high school play started roughly ten years ago.


Lacrosse Participation numbers continue to rise in parallel with the percentages at levels nation- wide.    Both youth and High School organizations\clubs are non-profits and are in very good health financially speaking.   The fundraising necessary for the synthetic turf to accompany the stadium renovation is underway.  Both youth boys and High School boys boards are making significant pledges to help with the fundraising goal.   Here is why:

  1.  High School practice on campus
  2. Weather\field conditions are no longer the single determining factor on practice\games scheduled
  3. Games can attract students as spectators with on campus games, creating an atmosphere of community to be proud of and celebrate
  4. Youth programs will have access to field for spring games, a big ‘thrill’ for players age 10-14
  5. Establishing a Lacrosse tradition that is the envy of every program in Dane County.
  6. May be the only chance for a synthetic turf field at Warrior Stadium


We do realize that any financial commitment made by individuals is potentially one that is held confidentially (if donor chooses to have name published or if donation is given anomalously).  In addition, we do hope that the community supports this fundraising campaign with positive comments when brought up by neighbors, friends especially when in the company of other Lacrosse families. 


The youth Boys and High School Lacrosse programs here in Waunakee want to make sure we communicate how our sport and the development of the kids in our programs stand to benefit the most of any spring sport in Waunakee.   The turf offers a flexibility that is not underestimated by the boards of youth and high school lacrosse.


We hope our community will support this renovation with positive intentions.   Almost every Waunakee high school sport that uses grass at some time during the year will have access to this new turf.   The financial commitments have started to roll in and we hope to continue the momentum raising money from the private sector to play on this new synthetic turf in the winter\spring of 2018. 


If anyone would like to ask questions, confirm facts, please feel free to reach the Head Coach of the Boys team, Mike Reiter, or the President of the Youth board, Scott Hogland or the President of the High School board, Calvin Kruschek for answers.   We would appreciate you support in this opportunity to help our young kids and athletes have a 1st class facility for decades into the future.




Calvin Kruschek


High School Boys Lacrosse Booster Club

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